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My Story with V- My online business

Posted on 29 August, 2018 at 6:45 Comments comments (0)

My story


Hi my name is Tasha & I have been involved in network marketing for around 2 years. But I failed! I failed miserably at it! The company I was previously with I had very little sales, had 2 people wanting to join but nothing & I was ready to give it up & stick at working for myself which I’m hugely grateful for but at times isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be the reason why I gave network marketing a go in the first place!


I had followed my upline Hannah for awhile we was both on the same company previously yet she had done amazing.

I had then seen she’d joined something new & look incredible. I sat in the fence for a while & rejoined my company with a new upline as mine had left since! Yet still no success I really thought network marketing want for me at all. I was going to carry on working my arse off forever to get everything I wanted in life, the. 1 day it clicked & I messaged Hannah asking about the business & on an impulse ( I was sitting at the vets with my poorly dog bare in mind) & said sign me up! I’m was convinced finally the universe had got me in a place where I knew I was ready for a change! In less than 10 days I had hit my 4th promotion & made over £500 profits! I was on a massive high!

I then stepped out of my comfort zone again & started to recruit a team. I worked on my mindset & confidence it shown hugely in my new online business my team have gone on to have success themselves & Ive now made a massive amount of profit in 2 months! I’m almost at my next promotion getting paid weekly & have been able to cut down my hours at my own little hair & beauty studio. I’ve paid off my holiday abroad, had a 10day holiday with my little family & been able to treat myself when I want all thanks to this business.

I took a chance on myself & now I’ll be working hard for 3-5 years to get where I wanna be in my brand new company to then be financially & time free!

I’m truly grateful to the universe for putting me in touch with Hannah at the right time for me. Because she has gave me the best chance & I have took it with both hands & making a huge success for myself in only 2 months. I’ve built a successful team who have gone on to start their own & been on the world wide top leaderboard all in 2months!

I’m so grateful for this opportunity & will do to help others reach the same & even more!

7 ways of getting paid & a car plan plus holidays. There really is no other compensation plan like ours!

I cannot wait to look back on all I have achieved with this company in a years time, I know exactly where I’ll be! 

Im now a EMERALD Leader in the business meaning I qualify for success holidays, Im 1 promotion away from V paying for a car of my choice! I WILL be a diamond leader this time next year! The only way is up for me with my business.


I Also use our products to help me shift my mom belly & bloating, I absolutely love our products. Ill attached my before & after pictures for you all to see. I also use our immune boosting drinks which are full of immune boosting properties I feel amazing & best of all this products are 100% NATURAL & the immune are safe for children so my 5 year old monster enjoys them too! Heres to a winter of him nit being poorly all the time!!

If you want to know more don’t be afraid of messaging me I’m more than happy to help! 

Want a 7 day free trial with NOTHING to lose but ALOT to gain!?

Click my link & fill in your details & ill get back to you getting you started!

Honestly the best decision I made!

Tasha Beautyluxexox