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hair extension aftercare tips

Posted on 11 November, 2015 at 6:55

How to care for your new hair extensions.


✨Always use products as recommend.. E.g Sulphate free shampoo!


✨Use a heat protector when using any kind of heat on your hair extensions.


✨ Brushing- Always hold your hair from the bonds & brush from the ends up using suitable brush e.g tangle teezer or boar bristle brush.


✨ Bedtime- After brushing through, use your argan oil serum to oil your hair, this prevents drying out & leaves your hair full of shine. Then plait so your hair is secure & will not knot up during your sleep.


✨ Swimming- braid hair so it's secure, you can apply conditioner as a barrier then when leaving the water, thoroughly rinse hair & wash using your shampoo & conditioner.


✨ Washing- Top washes will save you so much time!

Tie away your hair extensions leaving your natural hair on top free, wash, blow dry & style as normal. Don't apply conditioner near bonds. This can cause slippage, apply from mid lengths to ends ( as if you was going to put your hair in a low pony) Apply a treatment mask once a week on full wash. Remember this is conditioner too so same rules apply.


✨ Regular maintenance appointments must be kept as this ensures there are no problems with the extensions or your own hair. Not looking after them can cause damage!


Enjoy your new longer thicker locks




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